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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

OOTD Black and Print

Since I was going out today, I thought I would document my outfit! I have been in love with the colour black lately, of course as it's winter, but I also opted for a pink-ish print shirt which I really like because it looks somewhat vintage.

It's stylish but comfortable so I love wearing this ensemble. Ever since the whole ripped jeans phenomenon, I decided to give into the trend and now I instantly looks for jeans with some rips in them because I just think they look great and something different from the typical skinny jeans.

HM Cardigan & Shirt / Black Ripped Jeans / Nelly Black Shoes

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Obsession with Grey

Winter will still be among us, especially in the UK for a while and the colour I've been loving so much is grey. So here are my picks for what I'd like to get that are grey and fabulous!

Obsession with Grey

Colorblock cardigan
$16 -

H M long cardigan
$31 -

NLY Trend crop top
$15 -

NIKE running shoes
$110 -

Topshop scarve
$39 -

H M hat
$20 -

Topshop nail polish
$9.32 -

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Sale Fashion Finds Part 2

To start off, I got really happy shopping online on Glamorous UK, if you haven't checked out their site before then you should because they have some great pieces. Since it's December, I'm sure many of you will have Christmas parties to attend and I have one coming up so I decided to buy this awesome sequin top. It is so beautiful, sparkly and very party appropriate. I also love the neckline, big fan of the square neckline (90s type of vibe). There are other colours too- red and black.

If any of you have seen the motelrocks green sequined dress, i think this top would be a great alternative, it is definitely gorgeous and especially great for any of you that aren't a fan of dresses. They currently have 50% OFF!!

I also got some jewellery because you can't go wrong with some of that. My go to shop for necklaces is UO because their necklaces are dainty which I actually really like, I'm not much of a  big statement necklace girl. I especially like these ones as they are choker length ones, and I think they will look great if you're hair is tied up.