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Monday, 15 December 2014

TV shows you should be watching!

1) IMDB doesn't lie, because this show is absolutely brilliant! The plot itself is interesting because it's not everyday that you get a story about a chemistry teacher who has cancer and his partner-in-crime is an ex-student of his. It definitely pushes boundaries and even makes you side for the criminals. The transformations of these characters need to be seen instead of put into words, trust me.

2) I am not actually up to date yet with Suits but boy oh boy, it is a great show. The total opposite of Breaking Bad but just as addictive. The characters and their relationships are hilarious, you cannot get any better than Louis Litt- he is the most priceless character, someone who I seem to identify with at times when he is adorably odd. It teaches you that there is more to law than just wearing suits and looking badass.

3) This show is everything that you would want to see in 'walkers' a.k.a zombies and shows a completely different world where survival is critical. The choices and sacrifices that these characters have to make will continuously surprise you. Their morality will get challenged, but that is inevitable especially when you're surrounded by a crowd of zombies.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Keeping Warm but Stylish

I love the winter colours, they are so dark but beautiful, and you can embrace your inner dark child! Love me some khaki and burgundy. Black belongs to every season in my opinion. Minus the baby blue sweater but it is the scuba material so it will keep you warm too. 

Keeping Warm

H M top
$47 -

Black cardigan
$39 -

Khaki pants

H&M ankle boots
$33 -

H M red purse
$47 -

Black Brown London belt
$47 -

JFR beanie hat
$20 -

Sunday, 9 November 2014

John Frieda Lightening Spray

John Frieda Lightening Spray! 
So, I heard about this spray through doing some online research and found it to be relatively good but mainly for people who already have blonde hair. I am Asian so naturally I am not born with blonde hair but I wanted to try something different, which didn't include me having to go through any bleaching process.
To summarise, the product is supposed to be sprayed onto your hair after you shower, so however often you choose but beware that you shouldn't use this more than 10 times. I have only used it about 3 times and I've already stopped because it has worked and my roots are no longer black! 

1. It is relatively good priced since it is about £6, I got this for less at ASDA so see if you can find it there. Compared to dying your hair everytime with a box dye, which are like £6 each. This product will last you longer. 
2. Not as damaging as your typical hair dye, especially for anyone out there with dark hair who wants lighter hair like brown. 

1. Quite tricky to apply, because I used it on my hair when I already had some highlights so it is difficult to gauge whether I have applied it on the areas I wanted to, or literally just all over the place. Your hair is supposed to already be wet... so how can i tell? 

I give this product: 4/5